Introduction To Boxing

Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts styles of the western hemisphere of this world. It is also known as fist pugilism or pugilism of the fist. In other words, boxing is the act or sport of fighting with the fists.

Basically, the game of boxing is generally played by two players where they fight, knocks each other on proper techniques. The following article shares a brief introduction to boxing.

There are various types of boxing like Bare-knuckles boxing where you have to play the game without wearing any gloves at all. And there is also boxing where you have to wear boxing gloves. However, to play the game of boxing one requires boxing equipments to protect him against damages and injuries.

Different sorts of combat equipments are available in the market. Some of the equipments include boxing gloves, headgear, shoes, punching bags, rings, mouthpiece, hand wraps and even more.

However, these gears will be highly helpful to the players because these instruments will protect them against damages at the time of fighting against one another. Read on to get more information on boxing. Read on to know more about boxing.

The game of boxing is supervised by a referee. The players have to fight a series of rounds (normally 12) with one-three minutes intervals.

One boxer wins if his opponent is knocked down and can’t get up in ten counts or if he is declared too injured to carry on.

In a typical match, each boxer is assigned a particular corner of the ring which he can use to consult with his coach and to rest in between the rounds. A corner is also where the assistant trainer and a doctor (called the cutman) houses themselves during a match.

The former can motivate the boxer and tell him his mistakes and the latter can provide first aid in any case of bruise and bleeding on the boxer’s face.

Moreover, getting a right introduction to boxing is essential to understand the game of boxing.

In a boxing match, there can be three judges who maintain a score card depending on the finesse and perfection with which the boxers perform during the match. The participants are required to follow the instruction properly.

However, a good performance is one that has the correct punches that connect, and also knockdowns and defense.

Violation of these rules is termed as “fouls”. This is basically decided by the referee who deducts points from the participants. Fouls may lead to disqualification of the offending boxer and hence to a default loss.

The introduction of boxing towards environment fetches more reputation and it is listed to be one of best Olympic game.

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