History Of Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular games of the world. The history of boxing seems to be very interesting and the participation of people is increasing day by day.

Generally, the origin of boxing can be traced back to ancient Greek period around 4000 BC and then later by ancient Romans. It was found that during that period they had sports called pugilism which is also referred as boxing.

The rules were crude then and players often indulged into lethal boxing rounds with leather taped on to their bare hands.

In ancient Rome, the boxing players were offenders and slaves. They participate in the game to and to get independence.

However, Augustus is known for banning the game. Eventually, Theodoric banned the game because of the growing popularity and distraction caused in public life. Boxing history can also be dated back to the 1681 in Britain where the Duke of Albemarle held a boxing competition between his butcher and butler.

Jack Boughtonis is known as the ‘Father of boxing”. He is credited for establishing a set of rules for boxing in 1866. It is believe that Jack decided to publish the rules in 1743 after a grisly match with one of his opponents who died during the match. Know more about the history of boxing.

The development of the sport occurred during a time called as modern era in boxing. In the year 1866, the Marquess of Queensberry set up new rules of boxing which basically transformed the sport into what it is today.

The rules were titled with his name. The new rules introduced limited number of 3-minute rounds.

However, he is regarded as the “Patron Saint” of boxing and some of the most significant changes were three-minute rounds and the regulated use of approved boxing gloves.

Basically boxing was on list in the St. Louis games in 1904 but boxing was headed straight into the 21st century with grace and aplomb.

In the boxing history, National Boxing Association (NBA) was established in 1927 and it became the first sanctioning body to govern over the sport.

The main purpose of the NBA was to arrange championships between the best talents and look after boxing ethics and popularity of the game.

Today, we have three world-acclaimed boxing organizations – the WBC, IBF and the WBA. Moreover, the International Amateur Boxing Association was founded in the year 1946 and it is the first international body for amateur boxing.

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