Boxing Techniques

The game of boxing is gaining more and more popularity in the world of sports today. Basically, this game involves two players where they punch each other to knock out each other.

Young people can easily involve in this game. But before stepping into the world of boxing you should be properly trained.

You need to learn the boxing techniques to play this game successfully. So, read on to know about boxing techniques used in the game of boxing.

There are different techniques for boxing. The basic boxing techniques are classified as stance, punches and defense boxing techniques.


Stance is one of the first important techniques in boxing . In this technique, the player stands with the legs shoulder-width apart to have a fully upright stance. Both feet pointed just inward. The right heel is off the ground.

The lead (left) fist is place vertically about six inches before the face at eye level. The rear fist is place beside the chin and the elbow tucked against the ribcage to protect the body.

The chin must be tucked in the chest to avoid punches to the jaw that cause knock-outs.


This technique has four different kinds including jab, cross, hook and uppercut. In jab technique, punch is quick and straight, this technique is done with the lead hand from the guard position.

The fist moves around 90 degrees and becomes horizontal after impact. However, the rear hand is held nearby the face to protect the jaw.

The cross is a straight punch done with the rear hand. Starting from the guard position, the rear hand is tangled from the chin. It crosses the body and travels towards the target in a straight line.

The rear shoulder is moved forward. Its finishing position is just outside the chin. Simultaneously, the lead hand is retracted and placed across the face to protect the inside of the chin.

The torso and hips are rotated counter-clockwise as the cross is executed.

A semi circular punch is done with the lead hand to the side of the opponent’s head and this punch is known as hook. Beginning from the guard’s position, the torso and hips and rotated clockwise.

The fist is impelled through a tight, clockwise arc across the front of the body and connects with the target. Consequently, the lead foot pivots clockwise and the left heel turn outwards.

However, uppercut is a vertical, rising punch done with the rear hand. Beginning from the guard’s position, the torso shifts slightly to the right and the rear hand drops below the level of the opponent’s chest.

There must be a slight bend in the knees. Consequently, the knees push upwards fast and the torso and hips rotate anti-clockwise.

Defense boxing techniques

One of the most important and frequently used boxing techniques is straight left jab to the head. In this type of techniques for boxing, the chin and partially the mouth has to be covered with the left fist.

The left hand is straightened and the left elbow rises according to the onward movement of the left fist.

The chin must never be uncovered by the left fist. However, another basic boxing techniques straight jab to a stomach involves keeping the body bent in a waist and knees, take a step with the front foot and when the target is contacted, the extended arm has to be parallel to the floor.

This jab can coerce the opponent to lower the hands and open the head for further attack.

Right uppercut is another kind of defense boxing technique. This technique is done by standing in a boxing stance as well as holding the back knee bent.

In this technique, you should lower your right shoulder to bight the right side to make a semi-crouch position.

Your fist must be placed sufficiently upwards near the chin to cover the head. The hips have to be turned forward, pushing the ball of the back foot and punching the right fist upwards towards the target.

The right arm stays close to the body and turns up in a semicircle.

Follow the above basic boxing techniques and become a successful boxer.