Boxing Gloves- Select The Best One

Different equipments are required to play the game of boxing. One of the most important equipment for boxing is the boxing gloves.

These gloves protect your fists from being injured, while punching. Boxing gloves are also for training and sparring purposes.

Gloves for boxing are made up of either leather or vinyl and come in various sizes and weights that range from 5 oz. to 15 oz.

They also come with various methods of keeping them on the fist – laces, hook and loop closures, rubber band straps, and Velcro are the most popular options. Read the following article to know more about boxing gloves.

There are different kinds of boxing gloves you require while training to box. Each type of glove varies by its use.

However, choosing the best boxing gloves for your needs can not only save your money but also helps you to make the most out of each boxing training session.

The different types of boxing gloves include heavy bag training gloves, speed bag gloves, and sparring gloves.

Heavy bag training gloves

These gloves have padding that protects your hands when you’re training with the heavy bag.

It also protects your knuckles, hands and wrists from getting injured. However, it is essential for you to buy high-quality.

Lighter boxing gloves, around 12 ounces, are a little faster but offer less protection. 14 ounces have a combination of both speed and adequate padding, while 16 ounce gloves are best boxing gloves that protect your hands but may not be quite as quick as the others.

Speed Bag Gloves

The other kind of boxing gloves is speed bag gloves. These gloves are lighter than heavy bag training gloves, and this enables your hands to move more quickly while still offering some protection from the bag.

However, if you want to use one type of glove for both heavy bag and speed bag training, you can opt for lighter heavy bag gloves.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are another type of boxing gloves used when you’re in the ring with a competitor or sparring during training.

These gloves are especially designed to minimize the damage done to both your hands and your opponent when sparring.

They have more padding than the heavy bag gloves and the speed bag gloves. However, most of the sparring gloves weigh approximately 16 ounces.

Boxing gloves are perhaps the most essential thing that a player needs have before stepping into the ring.

You need to choose a good boxing gloves for better boxing. Opt for leather gloves as they last longer and offer better support.

The size of the boxing gloves that you choose is also of great importance. The sizes come in small, medium, and large, and also for men and women.

When choosing for a best boxing gloves, you should also look for a great feature called a thumb attachment, or a thumb-lock as it prevent thumb injuries or any accidental eye gouges that can occur during a match.

Moreover, choose a good boxing gloves that ensure the best performance possible.