Boxing Equipment Used In Boxing

Boxing is a game which has been played for decades. It is a game where two players punch each other and try their level best to knock each other out.

However, the game of boxing involves a lot of risk and there are always chances of getting injured.

So the boxing equipment is very necessary for the boxer and his opponent too, for safety.

Eventually, a range of equipments are used to protect the boxer from getting injured. If you want to become a boxer, it is important for you to know about boxing equipment used in boxing.

There are different boxing equipments used in boxing. It is important that you should find the best boxing equipment for better boxing.

Given here are some of the essential equipments for boxing.

Boxing gloves

The first essential boxing equipment is the boxing gloves. These gloves are necessary as these protect the boxer’s fists from being injured, while punching.

It also helps the boxer to toss a stronger punch, and then he can with his fists being bare.

Head gear

Head gear is important equipment for boxing. It used to protect the head from any internal or external head injuries.

It covers the upper part of the head, but the chin and mouth remain exposed. However, it is useful to protect only from external injuries.

Mouth guards

One of the other important boxing equipment is mouth guards. It protects the teeth from getting damaged. These guards are usually used by everyone.

These equipments are used in the box ring. As the name suggests, a mouth guard protects your mouth and there are lots of varieties to choose from ranging in price from $10 to $30 or more.

Boxing shoes

Boxing shoes are also essential boxing equipment used in boxing. However, any pair of athletic shoes will do until you actually get in the ring to compete.

Even then, you usually have the option of what you want to wear.

Hand wraps

Hand wraps are your weapons to protect your hands. However, you should how to wrap your hands which provides protection for those bones like your knuckles. Hand wraps come in various sizes and colors.

Groin Protectors and Chest Protectors

Groin and chest protectors are also important equipments for boxing. A groin protector (like a sport cup) is very necessary boxing equipment for male boxers but naturally not for female boxers. Chest protector, as the name suggest protects your chest.

Certain equipments are necessary so as to train a player. The regular gym equipments are there, but including the equipments such as a punch bag, skipping ropes, swivels, speed punching bags and a heavy bag to throw punches daily.

Clothes are also an essential part, if players are comfortable in their outfits, then they can concentrate and play the game wisely.

Generally the clothing worn is boxing shorts, and the upper part of the body is bare. The other equipment can be considered as the bags and kits used to carry all these equipments.

However, one should have the best equipment for boxing so as to train oneself in a better manner to become a good boxer.