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Welcome to Owings Mills Boxing Club, the best resource on boxing clubs and all aspects on boxing. A very easy to navigate site, it gives a complete education on this fascinating sport. Read on to know more about owingsmillsboxingclub.com.

Initiating with an introduction to boxing, which is very useful for the newcomers, the site looks back in the fascinating history of boxing.

Get to know all on modern boxing. Learn the difference between professional and amateur boxing. All these aspects of boxing are important if you are seriously thinking of getting into the boxing sport.

If you decide you want to go into a competitive mode, then finding a good boxing gym and a trainer are a must. Owingsmillsboxingclub.com teaches you how to go about it.

A regular routine at a boxing gym under a trainer can help create the physique you dreamt of and leave you extremely happy with your new found fitness.

As a boxer, you need to be well acquainted with the Boxing equipment used. Boxing gloves are one of the most important equipments for boxing. Learn all about them here.

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Programs available at the Owings Mills Boxing Club

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Sanshou Kickboxing

We are now offering Boxing and Kickboxing classes. Classes are held on Thursday at 5:30 pm., Friday at 6:30 pm, Saturday and Sundays at 2:00 pm. The cost is $25 per month for the boxing program and $35 for Golds Gym membership. You must be a Golds Gym member to participate in our programs.

Our classes will push you to the limit- please be careful and stop if you need to. We want you to reach peak physical condition but in your own time.

What you’ll need for boxing or kickboxing:

Handwraps are a necessity. If you plan to participate in sparring you must also have a mouthpiece. I would also recommend buying your own gloves rather than sharing the groups: buy them online at Ringside or Title Boxing.

Remember-Don’t just show up at the classes! Do aerobic activity on your own such as jogging on the off days at least twice a week. It is also important to maintain a good healthy diet.

There is only 1 George Foreman, leave the cheeseburgers to him during training.

Meet The Trainers

  • George Keys – Boxing: A boxer with more than 5 years ring experience and over 50 bouts. He was twice the runner up in the Golden Gloves, once in the Maryland State Games.
  • Julio Trujillo – Kickboxing: Julio has the distinction of representing Maryland in the USA Team for 3 years in a row- 1999, 2000 and 2001. He has fought in 15 International Tournaments. Julio won 1st place in the International San Shou Kickboxing Tournament in Atlanta Georgia on July 7th, 2001. Mr. Trujillo is a gold medalist and championship belt holder (165-175 lb class) in Lei Tai San Shou Full Contact- July 28, 2001.
  • Phil Gobrecht – Boxing: Over 15 years boxing experience. Currently the Boxing Coach for the Maryland State Sanshou Kickboxing Team and the 2001 Maryland Sanshou Kickboxing Middleweight Champion.