Owings Mills Boxing Club

The ultimate in fitness training!


The Owings Mills Boxing club has programs available for people who want to get in the best shape of their lives or fighters interested in national or international competition.

We are currently offering training in Boxing, Kickboxing and a new exciting combat sport- San Shou.

Our facilities are clean and we have every tool available to build a champion. Contact or light contact sparring will be available at your option.

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Sanshou Kickboxing

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Meet The Trainers

A boxer with more than 5 years ring experience and over 50 bouts. He was twice the runner up in the Golden Gloves, once in the Maryland State Games.

– George Keys

Julio has the distinction of representing Maryland in the USA Team for 3 years in a row- 1999, 2000 and 2001.

– Julio Trujillo

Interested in learning more?

  • What is San Shou Boxing

    San Shou is the official full contact fighting sport of modern Wushu which is rapidly growing in popularity both in the US and abroad. As an integral part of most Wushu competitions, San Shou has been an important event at the World Wushu Championships since its inception in 1991. Presently San Shou competitions are held … Read more

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  • What is Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is a form of martial art in which competitors can use their elbows, feet, hands, knees and shins to deliver blows. Unlike such martial arts as karate, however, kickboxing is a sport and not necessarily a type of self-defense. Kickboxers are classified as either amateurs or professionals. Rules vary, but generally matches last from … Read more

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  • What is Boxing

    Boxing is a sport in which two fighters battle with their fists. The boxers wear heavily padded gloves and fight in a square, roped-off area called a ring. A good bout between two well-matched fighters is a fast, violent display of strength and skill. The boxers throw powerful punches as each tries to dominate his … Read more

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